The first Annual General Meeting of Hammerwood & Holtye Hall was held on 15 August 1950, so this year is our 70th anniversary year.

In 1950 the Hall had a bank balance of £7.5s 11d.  The annual income was £4 16s 0d,  annual expenditure £3.3s 3d – happiness according to Mr Micawber.  In order to raise further funds, the second piano was proposed to be sold and the billiard table, balls, cues etc. were also offered for sale, although an offer of £4 was declined as it was too low.

At the time there was a Women’s Institute, a Men’s Club and the Cricket Club.  Whist drives were regular features and a garden fete was held in the garden of Bear Wood on 20 June 1951.  The fete raised a magnificent sum of £63.16/-, £61.15/- of which was needed for essential repairs to the Hall.

We hope to be able to celebrate our 70th year just as soon as the current pandemic allows.