Report of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Hammerwood and Holtye Hall

A summary of the proceedings at the 2017 AGM is given below and if anyone would like to see a full copy of the minutes these are available from the Hon. Secretary.

The Committee had a very busy year with planning a new strategy for the hall to ensure that the community spirit is maintained following the closure of the church, together with building renovation work.  The Quiz Night in May was a sell out and I know many of you attended.  We plan to run this again.

 During the year the following building and maintenance works were carried out:

    *  Insulation of the Roof
    *  Re-pointing of the outside brickwork
    *  Tiles replaced on the roof
    * The car park was cleared of weeds and debris
    * The manhole cover in the car park was reset

There were no local authority funding grants in 2017 (although some of the building works in 2017 were covered by grants received in the previous financial year 2015/16).

Projects being discussed with a view to further grant applications in 2018:

    * The installation of a disabled toilet (a requirement for Council grants)
    * Improvements to the current rainwater drainage
    * The installation of a new oven
    * Renovation of the hall floor
    * The addition of a porch

The Village Hall remains a well appointed and cost effective venue for local events (current hire charges attached)

Your Committee for 2018 is:

    * Chair - Sara Beare
    * Treasurer Marc Adams
    * Secretary Linda Skinner
    * Bookings Secretary Geraldine Gardiner
    * Michelle Adams
    * James Gardiner
    * Kim Sands
    * Tricia Fulford Smith
    * Cooptative members: Lesley Smart, Sue Cording, Anne-Noelle Pinnegar

The Hammerwood and Holtye Village Halll Charity Constitution was changed to reflect the fact that the Men’s Club, the Women’s Institute and the Cricket Club have now all ceased.

We are always interested to hear from any villagers if there is an event you would like to see happen.

The village Hall was decked with ivy and candles for Christmas Carols on Friday, 16 December 2017.  This was a very successful event and enjoyed by many of you. 

Thank you to all those who attended.